Sunday, June 10, 2007

Introducing Mini-Man... (homeless again)

Enough of the intricacies of virtual exchanges, something more fun is needed.

Because of recent policy in SL and the DNA database colelctions in France regarding delinquency in children, a 'little' grain of sand had to be thrown into the mix. Well, since ageplay is now illegal in-world, even having a mini-av is a little risky. Mini-Man arrived after the dissolution of Man's properties on the mainland, and is once again living with Ian in the favela on the side of Odyssey. So far, the drinking seems to be a huge problem, as the shock of going from residence to residence is a real source of discomfiture.

However, he wound up on Columbia with a little armament, as seen here with Prijan...
In short, I think Mini-Man might be a little bundle of trouble. Watch out, Fwix!

So, why did I sell off again? Similar to the reason why I sold off my land in Han Loso when walls started going up for reasons that were not my fault. I've become really sensitive to walls. When a resident wants to partition off a zone for whatever reason, up go the walls. Don't liek a neighbor's design? Put up a wall. Don't like the color of a texture? Put up a wall.

The problem with this is that I find it rude. And I find that there is a lot of rudeness in SL lately, as the language that residents use with one another is frequently abrasive, accusatory, and arrogant.

Sorry, I like community. I like people who want to work together. Mean people suck, and if we aren't in Sl to enjoy our work/play, then why do it? Therefore, I urge Second Life residents toward a policy of tolerance, even if you don't like them. Not sure how we can start this, but beginning to talk about it is a good start.

(of course, this is posted with a pic of Mini-Man with a huge assault rifle, but I hope you see the satire in that ;) )

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting a Litttle Serious About SL

I've thought about this, and have come to a conclusion about one of my threads regarding Second Life. After being on for three years, and active for 9 months, I've done a lot of research, and feel like I can make some strong inferences about the culture of that virtual microcosm.

So, while you may know me as a wisecracking bon mot/vivante, don't be surprised if I make some sharp observations about my virtual world. I loe my humor, but I think that at the same time, it'll be time to talk about a few important things that not too many talk about.

Stay tuned.